Mom Win

I have been visiting my family a lot during my husbands deployment and I hate that my son has been having to sleep on the hard cardboard mat in his Pack ‘n Play. I mean who wants to sleep on a sheet of cardboard? Not me. Not to mention those things get nasty!

A couple of mama friends of mine were telling me about these mattresses you can buy for Pack ‘n Plays and I was so excited! Y’all I didn’t even know these existed! #firstTimemomproblems

Graco Pack ‘n Play

Sproutwise kids Foldable Pack n Play Mattress ($57.99 on Amazon)

The mattress fits nice and snug in my Graco Pack ‘n Play. It’s not a perfect fit but it stays securely in place. I like that this mattress is supportive but also the cover is super soft. The mattress cover is 100% organic cotton so it’s very soft. It can also be unzipped and washed in the washing machine which is always a win in my book. It folds to fit into a a travel carry bag that comes with the mattress for easy transportation. Woo! I also ordered a set of 3 organic cotton sheets that are soft, cozy and can be washed. Here is a link for the sheets I purchased: ($22.99 for a set of three)

Happy baby = happy Mama

I feel so much better knowing my son now has a safe AND comfortable place to sleep.

I recommend checking your Pack ‘n Play’s measurements before purchasing a mattress to make sure they will fit properly. Some mattresses say they fit “most” pack n plays but it doesn’t hurt to be sure.

If you are going to be staying somewhere without a crib for a period of time or if you just want to make a cozier bed away from home I suggest trying one of these babies.

Things like this may seem silly to some but as a first time mom I am constantly learning something new or finding products to try out. I want to share my little discoveries or hacks to help other mamas who like me are figuring this all out one day at a time.


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